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OCC GJS Prozess

Fully automated process control system for an advanced SG production based on an high precision thermal analysis system including the complete process documentation and data handling.

  • High efficiency in Mg-alloy and inoculant use
  • Available for ladle & pouring process 
  • Immediate money saving: Compared to a Standard process you use up to 20% less wire or Mg-alloy
  • Optimised metallurgy gives highest precision in casting properties and helps to avoid porosity and carbides
  • Melt control result within 80 seconds
  • The system is adjustable to your treatment process, no matter if cored wire, sandwich or tundish cover
  • Fully automated process control, data capture and documentation within the GIS-Foundry Information System
  • Established in large volume production 
  • Metallurgical support in every aspect